CSA and Maple Syrup

Bodhichitta Farms CSA and Prospects Purest Maple Syrup are delicious, wholesome, local food, produced with the principles of the NOFA Farmer’s Pledge. (Click On)   Bodhichitta Farms CSA enters its eighth growing season next year.

Join us as we enter the cold season with maple syrup for your baking and sweetening up your day.  It is available in 10 ounce, quart, 1/2 gallon and bulk sizes. Visit our Shopping Page (Click On). We are offering the 2017 CSA for next season and you can buy your subscription now.  Whitney is happy to explain more about the shares, just email or give us a call. (Click On)

The following are some additional points about the farm. Pests are managed through biological pest management and OMRI treatments. Special attention is given to soil quantity.  We have chosen Vermont Compost for the green house beds and seedlings.  There are CSA drops in Cheshire, Westville, and Bethany.  We donate what we can to the interfaith food bank in Waterbury.  There is a teaching garden this year in conjunction with Seeds and Roots Center.Bethany Garden and Teaching Center

Join Us, Won’t You? Become part of the Bodhichitta Farms by purchasing a share in our Community Supported Agriculture program. (Click On)  For more details you can also check our Facebook page. (Click On) If you would like to visit, or attend a gardening class or permaculture study group, you can request an appointment or make a reservation.

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